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Andy Moreno
Andy "Remex" Moreno

About Andy

Andy "Remex" Moreno has been hosting live events for over 8 years in Olympia. He has since become one of Olympia's premier DIY promoters. He began his hobby of booking shows in November of 2011. Since then, he's become a staple Northwest contact for touring musicians and booking agents the world over. He has made connections in multiple markets of music. If you're looking to play Olympia, Andy will be the one to help out.

CapCity History

Jestin, Joey, and Andy



Fed up with "competition" among the local promotional scene, Joey Cristina assembled Andy Moreno and Jestin Peterson for a meeting to create a super group of promoters under one label. After that meeting, they became the faces of "CapCity Presents".

Jestin, Andy, Matthew, Fidel, and Joey



Later on, Matthew Northam, Shane Fisher and Fidel joined the team.

Sylvie and Andy



While Andy may be the only team member at this time, he continues the service of helping touring musicians that are coming through the Western, WA region. Sylvie was CapCity's sound engineer and they couldn't have made some of the shows happen without her.